MethDB HELP TOPIC: search for methylation patterns

Purpose of the search form:

The form allows searching for methylation patterns or profiles in sequence samples. The samples can be specified by species, sex, tissue, gene/locus and phenotype. For users who are already familiar with MethDB, the inidividual sequences can be addressed directly with its internal ID number.

Instructions for use:

The search fields are connected by the logical opperator "AND". We recommend to enter the species name in the scientific notation. Sex can be male, female, hermaphrodite or neutral. Tissues can be entered in plain english. For the gene/locus field use either the GenBank "LOCUS" entry or the arbitrary name of the literature.
The search is case insensitive. If you use "contains" a search will deliver partial matches, thus "homo" will also find "Homo sapiens" and "mus" "Mus musculus". "homo...mus" will find everything between these two species in alphabetical order. All fields can be left empty (you will obtain all entries).
An error message will also appear if your search did not find a matching record. In this case you should broaden the search criteria.
If the methylation patterns or profiles are not displayed click on the image link and reload this image (key combination for this is browser dependend).

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